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Gathering Talents for a Brighter Future

Working at H&T

Grow and work alongside outstanding individuals.

Principles of Values Prioritization

Principles of Unity of Command

Principles of Organizational Discipline

Principles of Lean Organization

Principles of Organizational Positioning)

Principles of Staffing Balance

Principles of Talent Recommendation

Principles of Team Management

Principles of 4 Priorities

Principles of Leadership Selection

Principles of Talent Mobility

Principles of Simplicity and Pragmatism

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation

Principles of Dedication

Principles of Visits and Listening

Principles of Closed-Loop Management

Living in Harmony with H&T

Efficient Work, Enjoyable Life.

Learning and Growth

Youthful Vitality

Youthful Vitality

Open Communication

Warm and Caring

Health and Vitality

Living in Harmony with H&T

We provide generous and heartfelt welfare support, ensuring security for our employees.

Community Activities

Meal Subsidies

Continuing Education

Convenient Commute

Cultural Events

Travel Allowances

Assistance Funds

Holiday Greetings

Special Circumstance Assistance

Housing Benefits

Health Check-ups

Domestic/International Assignment Allowances

Risk Protection

Heartwarming Holidays

Join H&T, Grow Together, Achieve Together

We are waiting for passionate individuals like you to join us in realizing our vision

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